Shirakawa-go in Autumn

It was just mid-October. Perhaps it was not cool enough to get the whole valley dyed into red by the natural pigments in the leaves. There were more trees turning red near the car park but not much inside the village. Anyway, Shirakawa-go (白川郷) is always a good place to visit. It’s just a matter of colour depending on when you come. You see white in Winter, green in Summer. Of course, golden yellow or red in Autumn.


Snacks, well I’d just call them snacks, in Shirakawa-go is good. The Japanese hash-brown, croquette (a French word I guess)(飛騨牛コロッケ) sold here features the local Hida beef. You can find some minced beef inside. It is a must-try item in Shirakawa-go, in case you have’t try it elsewhere in the Hida area. I also tried the Hida beef rice(飛騨牛めし). It tastes great.



After the meal, I just continue walk uphill to have an overview of the traditional village. There is a road to walk from the village to the Shiroyama Observatory Deck. Please note that it will be closed in winter. You just simply can’t walk there in winter due to the thick piles of snow.

It’s autumn. So, we find these golden-yellow grass-like stuff. Well I don’t know how to name it. If you know please tell me in the comment below.


Then I entered one of the traditional building for a visit. This one is named “長瀨家” (Nagase House). You can find the traditional farm tools used by the villagers insides. It is just like a mini-museum. Besides seeing the inner structure of the gasshō-zukuri, you can also know a bit about their way of living.



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