JAL Sakura Lounge in Tokyo Narita

I was indeed making a transfer at Tokyo Narita for my trip from Hong Kong to Vancouver. Upon arrival of the flight CX520 (Link to my Trip Report), I went to the JAL Sakura Lounge for dinner.

hkgnrtyvr26Main entrance

入場資格一覽Entry criteria

The lounge is not a really huge one. It is separated into two levels. 3/F is specialized as a dining hall, while 2/F is the rest area which eating is not recommended at this floor. Just a few steps from the entrance you can see the cloak. The best thing about it is that you can put your bags here with LOCKED compartments. Most of the time I can’t find any place to LOCK UP my belongings in the lounge. Well, I kind of trust the security inside the lounge and I see most people just placed their bags on the chair without really looking after them… but I just want to make sure they’re safe and locked up. Great job, JAL!

Floor plan

Again, I didn’t take much photo inside the lounge as it seems quite disturbing to other guests.

Decoration made by retired aircrafts’ parts

Dining hall on 3/F. There wasn’t lots of choices yet I’d say everything they serve are tasty and good.

食堂部分設於樓上3/F 而下層就不准進食
No eating on 2/F


洋蔥湯 onion soup
Onion soup


三文治/包 sandwiches and bread
Sandwiches and bread


咖哩飯👍 + 炸野菜餅 curry rice + vegetable tempura
Curry rice & vegetable tempura


點心 - 蝦餃燒賣 (無香港嘅咁好食) dim sum - shrimp dumpling and "siu mai"
Japanese Chinese-style Dim Sum


煮雞肉(?) 幾好食架呢個 chicken


飲品吧 drink bar
Drink bar


汽水機 soda
Soda Machine


啤酒機 beer machine
Beer machine!! They serve Kirin beer.


Well, the dining hall is really small. And when I leave, roughly around 5, the dining hall was full and there is a sign about this.


By the way, Japanese pay a lot of attention to manner and talking on phones in public area is generally not accepted in Japan. That’s why you see a mobile phone icon next to the paid phone logo. It represents that you may, or I’d better say you should, use your mobile phone for voice call inside the room for paid phone.



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